Profile of Mayor Nobuto Hosaka


(As of October 14 ,2015)


Current Position:Mayor of Setagaya Ward,Tokyo,Japan
Date of Birth:November 26th,1955
Place of Birth:Sendai,Miyagi Prefecture
Education:Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku High School(Night Course)

Work History:

Freelance Investigative Journalist(Educational Issues)
1996-2000:Member of the House of the Representatives
2000-2004:Member of the House of the Representatives(2nd Term)
2005-2009:Member of the House of the Representatives(3rd Term)
2009-2010:Advisor to the Ministry Internal Affairs and Communications
2011-Present:Mayor of Setagaya Ward

Standing Committee Positions:

Former Member,Standing Committee of Judicial Affairs
Former Member,Standing Committee of Education,Culture,Sports,Science and Technology
Former Member,Special Committee of Children and Youth Affairs

Parliamentary Leagues & Policy Groups:

Former Secretary-General,Japanese Parliamentary League for Supporting Chiid-Line
Former Secretary-General,Parliamentary League for Abolition of the Death Penalty

Party Position(s):

Formar Deputy Chief of the Tokyo Metropolitan Area Council for the Social Democratic Party


Mayor Nobuto Hosaka originally made his name in a 16-year fight with the Japanese court system
to obtain and legitimize his middle school transcript.
After dropping out of Tokyo Metropolitan Shinjuku High School,Mayor Hosaka would go on to work a myriad
of low-wage positions before settling into his role as an investigative journalist focusing on Education issues.
From 1980-1990,he turned Setagaya Ward into the pilot ward for a groundbreaking educational development project.
Following the end of the project,and a number of books published,Mayor Hosaka would bigin his Parliamentary career in 1996
with his election into the House of Representatives.
Serving a total of 11years over 3 terms,and after a brief period as an Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications,
Nobuto Hosaka was elected mayor of Setagaya Ward in 2011.


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Office:#201 Tsuruya Building 6-26-15 Matsubara,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 156-0043 Japan
Phone:81-(3)-6379-2107 FAX:81-(3)-6379-2108